Photocopier Maintenance 101: Essential Tips for Every Business

Photocopier Maintenance 101: Essential Tips for Every Business

The lines and streaks of photocopiers could be easily removed. Be sure to apply appropriate cleaning products A diluted mixture of Isopropyl alcohol should work.

The use of excessively or low-quality toner cartridges can be the source duplicate quality issues. However, it is possible to stop this with the help of Toner Management Software that will alert you and track the toner levels.


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There are so many individuals who use the copiers throughout the day, it is vital to scrub the device’s touch surfaces by using a cleaner with anti-bacterial properties that conforms to CDC suggestions for disinfectants. It is possible to do this using a damp cloth with 70% isopropyl or 30% water. To ensure that there is no damage to the device the device, shut off the machine prior to the cleaning.

Also, you can give the inside of your copiers a gentle dusting using an unclean, dry cloth. It will prevent paper jams due to dust or dirt.

Glass used in copying may be streaked or smudged due to high dust levels and accumulation of dirt. A small amount of glass cleaner is applied to the cloth and gently scrubbed every daily to aid in this.


If you notice streaks appearing in your prints, this likely means that the photocopier’s drum or glass unit have become dirty. Cleansing these areas and changing the cartridge should resolve the problem, but If it continues to occur, you may need professional help.

If you have wrinkled pages in your presentation, it is usually caused by damaged rollers or maybe moisture within the fuser unit. Clean the feed rollers, and paper tray before replacing the cartridge. If copying remains too light or dark make sure you check the settings for density. Reducing them if overly high will resolve the problem. The drum unit may need to be replaced the drum unit, if it isn’t functioning.

Consumables Replacement

To prevent unplanned breakdowns, every photocopier must be kept properly. Although some routine maintenance tasks are able to be completed by the employees however, professional service also stops significant damage and helps to prolong the life span of the device.

A copier is a complex machine, which performs a number of tasks throughout the time. That’s why it requires cooling down time between usage. If you make sure that the unit is shut off at the conclusion of the day, and making it possible to restart at a time ahead of time, it prevents the machine from overheating and increases the life of the machine.

It’s also essential to keep an eye on the supply of consumables such as toners and ink. It is recommended to only buy top of the line or manufacturer-approved inks and toners to prevent damage to the copier. To ensure that there is no damage to your copier, it is important to maintain these items regularly and track their longevity.

Software Updates

A copier isn’t an exception. Each machine requires regular maintenance. The machine used often can get overheated, and its components will deteriorate with time. In the end, this may cause unexpected problems and breakdowns. Regular health checks can prevent such a situation and help you make the best of the investment you have made.

Paper jams are a frequent trouble. It can result from various factors, from utilizing the incorrect sizes of paper or the paper in a way that is not properly loaded. Paying attention to the copier’s rollers for paper and cleaning them with a lint-free cloth is a great way to prevent these problems.

Although there are numerous things which can be accomplished in order to stop problems with your photocopier however, it is essential to plan professional servicing on a regular schedule. An experienced technician will conduct a deep clean within the machine and inspect it for any issues that require to be addressed. This can prevent serious breakdowns as well as save you from a lot of stress in the long term.