Metro Kathalu Movie Is Streaming On Aha For Free

Metro Kathalu Movie Is Streaming On Aha For Free
March 8, 2021

As the name suggests metro katalu is a series of short stories within the movie written by well-known writer and journalist KhadeerBabu. from Palasa 1978 fame.  True to what is mentioned in the tagline — one city four stories, Metro kathalu has an amalgamation of four independent sub-stories and each story is introduced with its own titles – proposal, Ghatana, Selfie, and Telugu. Watch movies free online and explore more on Aha. Watch metro kathalu movie free only on Aha.

As metro kathalu has heartwarming stories that make you emotionally invested throughout.  The first sub-story proposal is the story of two IT employees Abhirami Played by Nakshatra and Chandu played by Thiruveer. As the couple decides to get married when Chandu proposes to Abhirami she interestingly responds with some terms and conditions that drive the storyline in the course of its run time. In the movie, Ghana director Karuna Kumar opens within an accidental night between Manjula played by Sana, and Varun played by the handsome Ali Reza. where Manjula tells Varun not to meet him anymore with an interesting twist that determines their lives.

Then we come across the story selfie which talks about Supriya’s life played by Nandini Raj. An unhappy married woman as her husband isn’t career-oriented. She decides to let off her stress by getting intimidated by her close friend Raghav played by Ram Maddukri who loves her and is behind her for almost 2 years now. Although she realizes her bitter truth while getting intimate with him. The story Tegalu is by far most relatable as this shows a middle-class couple, the wife Salma played by GayatriBhargavi and the husband Abbas played by Rajeev Kanakala. As his wife and children ask him why is so interested in Tegalu. Abbas reminisce some of these most beautiful  memories of life by sharing the sweet time he spends with his father

 the film looks like a very low-budget movie on the screen. The production lacks its value of the movie experience and the bad editing especially the way scenes are cut makes the film odd and honestly weird to watch together. The background score makes up for this fault with some feel-good songs.  The cast does a great job by doing exactly what is expected of them. With good dialogues, the casts fit in well in their respective roles. This is a remake of Anurag Basu’s famous movie ‘life in a metro’ that fails to deliver the feel-good factor of the Bollywood version. As this was great writer Khadeerbabu director karuna Kumar does not make a very good use of it.

Finally, though this movie is a good attempt to recreate the magic of the original version. Bad production value, poor execution, and lack of strong emotions make this movie a boring and dull movie watch to watch alone or with friends.

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