AT&T Stock Outlook for the Coming Year and Beyond

AT&T Stock Outlook for the Coming Year and Beyond

AT&T is an American multi-line telecommunications corporation, a publicly traded company headquartered in Houston, Texas. It is one of the largest and most successful diversified companies in the world. AT&T is often considered as the “other” Bell while Verizon is the Bell that others compare to AT&T. AT&T stock has performed very well during the past few years because of its excellent growth and stable market position. If you are interested to purchase AT&T stock options, the Internet can be your best friend.

In the last quarter, AT&T generated revenue of approximately $20 billion, which was a record for a company of its size and stature. This quarter marked the fourth consecutive year that revenue increased and earnings per share (EPS) increased from the previous year.

The increase in AT&T stock price is attributed to the successful execution of some of their marketing initiatives which included the launching of the AT&T Go Nationwide Mobile Enterprise and the AT&T Go Mobile SharePoint initiative. AT&T stock is performing very well due to the fact that it has expanded into new markets like the South and Southwest regions of the United States, a trend that is expected to continue in the future.

T stock price is expected to continue to rise in the coming quarters as the company looks to expand its operations in other regions of the world. The CEO of AT&T, celibate Chief Executive Officer, Kenneth Layton is quoted in a recent investor conference calling as saying that they will be making announcements in the coming quarters with regards to expanding their business into the near and long term future.

They have already launched their mobile enterprise, the AT&T Mobile 360, which is offering mobile services across multiple carriers, including Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T U.S. and AT&T UK. They also have deals with several high end wireless operators around the globe.

Some analysts believe that the success of AT&T can be attributed to the fact that the majority of the earnings reported last quarter were generated from the high-end subscribers. Subscribers are the buyers who actually create the revenue for AT&T stock holders, therefore if there are lots of people buying AT&T stock, the EPS will be higher. This gives investors confidence that the company is on the right track to achieving its financial objectives, especially given the declining economy today.

AT&T stock is doing so well because it has the right combination of a great management team and an incredible product or service. Wall street analysts believe that the earnings potential will continue to rise, especially given the positive response to the AT&T Go Nationwide Mobile Enterprise. AT&T stock is a good buy because it is a growth company with a strong balance sheet. It has one of the strongest cash and dividend yields available in today’s market. Before stock trading, you can check more information from T stock news.